„Over ten years ago, we began building unique furniture out of reclaimed wood. Since then, we continuously improved and refined our products and production processes. Each SEMDUO table reflects pure passion and years of experience.“


The heart and soul of our tables are centuries-old oak beams reclaimed from 200-400 years old dwellings, which we re-use with much attention to detail. Each SEMDUO table has a (hi)story and is a piece of history.


Oak is very solid and heavy wood and is therefore one of the most valuable deciduous timber products. Its structural properties, resilience to decay, as well as decorative look make oak wood a desired and long lasting raw material for construction. The originally light-brown colouration of oak wood develops into darker brown tones through exposure and drying over time. Oak trees can grow up to 2000 years old and thus stand for continuity and strength. The charm of naturally grown oak is not lost in manufacturing – the opposite is the case: each room fitted with a SEMDUO table receives its own flair.


Wood is a natural product whose attraction includes the inconsistencies in its natural surface. Holes, cracks and variable grain are natural features giving each piece its individuality. SEMDUO tables highlight these lifelines. We use our dark SEMDUO wood filler and shims to level the surface and include highlights by occasionally filling holes with metal – commonly tin with a silver-white shine.


Our table frames are made from recycled, anthracite-coloured black steel, exclusively made for SEMDUO, and complete the unique design-appearance of our tables. Black steel is raw steel in its natural form. It is heat-shaped and receives its dark patina through the heat treatment. Similarly to the oak wood, this steel is aesthetically pleasing through its irregular look.


The very involved manufacturing of oak beams is highly challenging and requires a high level of experience in wood manufacturing. Only then can warp-free boards be made and the longevity of a table guaranteed.


The oak beams we use have a thickness of 60mm and are being cleaned up from any impurities and roughly cut to size. Subsequently, the beams are placed in a drying chamber to reduce any remaining moisture and remove any pests. The dried beams are then sorted by size and planed on all four sides. The final thickness of the oak boards is 50mm. This is the appropriate size that results in the SEMDUO table’s design-aesthetics. Finally, the boards are glued together to form the tabletop and stored to dry for one day.


Once tabletops are glued and dried, the tabletops surface is finished. Cracks and holes are filled with dark wood filler or metal and uneven areas filled in with shims. The tabletop is then cut to the final dimensions and all surfaces sanded down. Edges are rounded in the sanding process. Following another quality control step, the tabletop is oiled three times over the course of three days.


Your chosen table frame is custom fitted to the table top. Threaded bushes to attach the frame are inserted into the underside of the tabletop. All screws required for final assembly are shipped with the table. No specialised tools are required for the final assembling.


Each SEMDUO table is packaged in its individual SEMDUO box for safe shipping. The box can be opened easily using a screwdriver or screw-gun and can be used practically as a storage box.